The History

The History

The winery is the exciting result of the love for wine of the italian entrepreneur Mr. Franco Todini, a man with humble roots but with a strong will and spirit of sacrifice, who spent all his savings to found a small building company which in about 30 years became one of the most successful and productive italian construction firm. Despite his gratifying successes all around the world, Franco’s heart remained bounded to his beloved Umbria so in 1979, pushed by his passion for wine, he created the Todini Winery. Cantina Todini became shortly one of the most important enological point of reference of the city of Todi.

The deep connection with the city can be easily noted just watching the main gate of the winery, in fact the gate is a sort of replica of Todi’s cathedral entrance graven by the renaissance master Antonio Bencivenni and its octagonal shape can be found on the label of every bottle produced by the winery.

After Franco’s death in 2001, his daughter Mrs. Luisa Todini took over the brand and accomplished an impressive modernization of the winery, improving the company from top to bottom and focusing particularly on refining upon the quality of the Todini wines, which in fact are nowadays among the italian best wines.

With its vineyards having an extension of more than 40 hectares, with its beautiful tasting lounge watching over the medieval skyline of Todi, being recognized as one of the most elegant Relais of the area with a top class restaurant, Cantina Todini is today the most iconic brand in the umbrian wine scenery, always up-to-date with the challenges of the modern markets but firmly based on Mr. Franco Todini’s principles: hard-working, willfulness and respect for his land’s traditions.